5 Simple Beauty Service to Look Gorgeous on this coming Festivals!!!!

  Mostly we visit nearby beauty parlour to our Home. The main thing we consider is comfort and convenience, hence we do not yield to find any information about the particular salon that we are visiting. Most often than not but many times we actually pay more price, our ignorant and hasty decisions make us regret later.... Continue Reading →


Are you ignoring back pain?

Many people suffer from chronic back pain today. There are many reasons which elicit back pain but the main cause is change in our overall lifestyle. We live a very sedentary life style. Most of us do not find enough time to continue our daily exercise routine. Also, we all are expert in giving some... Continue Reading →

Why yoga classes can transform your life?

India is renowned across world for its spirituality and mysticism. Yoga and meditation has always been an intrinsic part of Indian culture. We have a long tradition of yogi’s, saints, mahatmas, Sufi’s and sadhu’s. They have spread messages of compassion, love, care, brotherhood and positive living across the world. They have always taught us that... Continue Reading →


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